Month: December 2009

News from the Buxton group – Dec 09

On 16th November, Cath Johnstone from Transition Buxton came to talk to the group about Buxton’s answer to the twin challenges of Climate Change and Peak Oil.  She started off by showing that the ideals of Humanism are compatible with the goals behind the Transition Town movement.  Climate Change is now widely discussed in the media but Peak Oil is rarely mentioned.(Note: Peak Oil is the term used for the point in time at which the maximum rate of petroleum extraction is reached, after which the rate of production declines. Beyond this point, oil prices may rise to very high levels, especially with increasing demand from developing countries, with potentially disastrous economic consequences). We brain-stormed all the areas of our life that are dependent on oil and realised how much we rely on it.  Cath told us that the Transition movement is a bottom-up approach to reducing that reliance.  So far, Transition Buxton has groups looking at local food production, local transport solutions and – coming soon – renewable energy options for the area.  Cath encouraged us all to start getting involved.