News from Buxton group – 30 Jan 10

The first meeting of 2010 was attended by an indomitable 7 of us since the weather was still not encouraging venturing out in the evening. We discussed current BHA campaigns and agreed to write separately to local candidates in the forthcoming election seeking their views on 3 topics:
– the “religious” question in the census
– allowing schoolchildren to decide themselves if they want to opt out of collective worship and religious education
– assisted dying.
Barry Thorpe is to provide drafts for the first two topics and Pat Thompson will provide one for the third.

No further nominations being received, Pat was elected chair of the group and Marge Rose elected secretary. This was carried nem con.

Although no-one new to humanism attended, it was interesting to discuss the history of humanism, a good life without religion and the scientific method with like-minded others.

The next meeting will be held on 15 February when Barry Thorpe will talk about secularism. Barry is a very active member of the National Secular Society.

Some discussion took place about marking Darwin Day – 12 February – this year. Di suggested that we could man an educational stand in the shopping centre. Marge agreed to look into getting some educational and publicity material for this.