Our Purpose & Objects

Our Purpose is to further Humanism in Greater Manchester and surrounding areas. Our Objects are to:

a) Support and represent Humanists;

b) Foster public awareness and knowledge of Humanism;

c) Foster and support education in Humanism, in particular through SACREs;

d) Facilitate the provision of Humanist ceremonies;

e) Campaign on issues of concern to Humanists;

f)  Advocate secularism;

g) Provide opportunities for like-minded individuals to explore issues relevant to Humanism;

h) Provide Humanist fellowship

Our Constitution

The Purpose and Objects (left) are taken from our constitution which was adopted at a Special General Meeting held on 12 December 2007 with subsequent amendments up to April 2016.

Our Activities

We have a programme of inspirational and social activities – a range of meetings and events around the area, work in schools and SACREs, an introductory course on humanism and a humanist Choir, as well as supporting Humanists UK in pastoral work and ceremonies. In the summer we also run ‘amble rambles’. You will be made welcome at all our meetings and activities.

Our Brochure

See our Brochure for an overview of GMH:
– Who we are
– Our concerns
– What we think
– Our objectives
– What we do
– How to join us

(Note: the brochure is designed to be printed double-sided in landscape format on a single sheet, flipped on the short side, and then folded twice to produce a 1/3 A4 leaflet. If using a printer that cannot print double-sided automatically, print the first page, then print the second page on the reverse side.)

Our History

Greater Manchester Humanists was founded in 1992 (though under a different name). We believe an earlier group was active in Manchester from the 1950s until the mid-1970s and we do know of a meeting in April 1965 of a group called Manchester Humanist Society. We are a Partner group of Humanists UK, affiliated to the National Secular Society and a member of the International Humanist & Ethical Union.

As Humanists, we are concerned with values and moral issues from a non-religious standpoint. Like many people in our largely secular society, we have done our best to work these out for ourselves, and are constantly re-assessing them in the light of changing circumstances. We are also actively concerned to apply our values and to work towards the achievement of a more open, just and caring society. Our meetings are open to all – membership is not required.  We meet in central Manchester and Stockport.  See here for details of when and where we meet.

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