GMH Humanist Discussion Group

The Humanist Discussion Group has been meeting since January 2015, generally nine times a year on the third Tuesday of the month except July, August and December. Sometimes the date is changed, or a month missed, and sometimes we have met in July, August or December.

We are currently meeting by Zoom.

We aim to circulate discussion notes a few days in advance of the meeting. They vary in length from a few paragraphs to several A4 pages, and often include links to relevant websites.

Link to discussion notes for the latest topic:
March – Moral Foundations Theory

The topics we have discussed at these meetings are listed below. Entries in bold type provide a link to the discussion notes for that topic, which can be accessed by clicking on the topic.

January – A Convenient Truth – Kate Pickett and Richard Wilkinson
February – Free Will
March – Free Will (2)
April – Basic Income
May – World Population Issues
June – Resumé and eulogy virtues
September – Effective Altruism
October – Migration
November – Islam and the Future of Tolerance – the new book by Sam Harris and Maajid Nawaz

January – Moral and Cultural Relativism
February – Moral Relativism
March – How to be an Optimal Human

April – The Differences between Happiness and Meaning in Life
May – What is the Nature of ‘Self’
June – Is Humanism a Religion?
July – Free Speech
September – Personal Responsibility
October – Privatising and/or Policing of Public Spaces
November – the Flynn effect and its implications for morality

January – Individualism
February – The Surveillance State

March – Artificial Intelligence and Morality
April – Epicurus
May – Stoicism
June – How well does the Richard Dawkins approach serve the Humanist cause?
September – Criticising Religion
October – Moral Luck
November – Douglas Murray – the strange death of Europe

January – Kant’s categorical imperative
April – Should drugs be legalised?
May – Animal rights and welfare
June – The meaning and legacy of humanism
September – Nietzsche the Humanist
October – Michel Foucault: Re-examining power and history
November – The role of morality in a capitalist economy

February – 21 Lessons for the 21st Century – Harari
March – Systems Thinking
May – Populism
June – What is a Successful Life?
September – Humanism and Spirituality
October – Woke and woke comedy

January – The Banality of Evil
June – Citizens’ Assemblies
July – Is Panic in a Pandemic Preventable?
August – Science is the only source of true knowledge
September – Abraham Maslow

October – ‘Nudge’ Theory and Practice
November – The Great Barrington Declaration – re Covid-19
December – Mill’s Harm Principle in modern conditions

January – Enhancing Homo sapiens
February – Cults: the Dangers of Undue Influence
March – Doughnut-Economics
April – The-Coddling-of-the-American-Mind
June – What can we learn from Arthur Schopenhauer?
July – From Atheism to Humanism booklet
September – How can we know ourselves?
October – Consciousness Explained
November – The Common Morality of Bernard Gert

January – Are Values the New Religion?
February – The Origins of the COVID Pandemic and its Implications for International Regulation and Cooperation
March – Moral Foundations Theory